First: Warranty periods:

  • Polyethylene tanks ten years
  • Fiberglass tanks twenty-five years
  • Ten years GRP Sectional panels
  • Manholes, two years
  • electrical appliances two years
  • Submersible fans for well one year
  • Repair Spare parts six months
  • Products that are marketed to customers under contracts, the guarantee policy is the basis, unless mentioned in the contract
  • In the case of selling any product that is not included in the above products, this means that it has no guarantee from the company
  • Previous warranty periods are considered the standard unless stated in the invoice
  • These periods are valid When adhering to all subsequent paragraphs.

Second: Method of installation:


A-1-Underground Tanks:

 The tank installation site shall be excavated with the following:

  • The depth of the hole must be equal to the height of the tank from the base to the neck in addition to 7-10 cm to make the cleaning bed, so as to install the tiles covering the manhole.
  • Leave a distance between 30 – 50 cm for the length and width of the tank.
  • The hole must be flat and completely dry with Compact (leveling) the soil and the thickness of sand (fine burial that does not contain impurities) at the base is not less than 10-15 cm above the base (which must be completely flat and to ensure that the base is 15 cm Cast concrete)
  • Ensure that the hole is not exposed to underground water, and that no vehicles and machinery pass over the reservoir pit in the future.
  • It must be ensured that there is no underground water in the hole
  • if private cars want to pass over the tank, a concrete base reinforced with iron 8 mm and a thickness of at least 15 cm must be made on all walls of the hole.
  • The tank is placed on a hole as described, and in the case of more than one tank, 50 cm must be left between the tank and the other.
  • Make entry exit and plumbing openings (by the company only) and install all necessary connections for the tank, taking into account not to make additional openings without any need, and the openings must be preserved, especially if there is a hole for ventilation left as it is
  • Start the filling process with filling the tank at the same time, the filling of tank and filling of hole must be done in stages (each stage is 50 cm high) and the backfilling must be done with fine sand that does not contain any impurities that affect the tank body.
  • It must be ensured that the backfill on the underside of the tank is free of voids, which supports the proper installation of the tank, and sand should not be pressed at the time of backfilling.

A-2 – above ground tanks:

  • It is preferable to place the tank in a shady place
  • Not to place or bond any heavy pieces on the tank (such as attaching the deck to the body of the tank, or placing tiles, wood, or any material on any side of the tank)
  • In the Case of the foam is sprayed on the tank body, the tank is out of warranty
  • The tank should be placed on a perfectly flat surface.
  • The base of the tank must be on flat ground (not to be placed on bridges or intermittent blocks, even if they are flat or only touching the legs).
  • Leave 50 cm space between cabinets

A-3- Panel Tanks:

  • The product must be used for the intended reason only and maintained in accordance with the operation and maintenance manual delivered to the client. The warranty does not cover rusting of the nails and the tank must not be left empty.
  • The tank must be used for its intended purpose
  • The percentage of water in it should not be less than half a meter at least, so that the sealant does not dry out except in the case of maintenance, which does not exceed 24 hours

A-4- General requirements for tanks and Manholes:

  • Plumbing openings are from the company’s side, and the guarantee is void in the event that any openings are made by any other than the company
  • Plumbing damage caused by extra tightening and strapping is not covered by the warranty
  • the level of pipes must be at the same level as the plumbing openings and not be less or higher than them so as not to cause damage to the tank, the resulting damage is not covered by the warranty
  • The use of tanks is for Storage the water only and any addition or other purpose consider special manufacture
  • You must keep the openings for their intended purpose, especially the ventilation openings and the overflow line, must be kept clean and free from clogging and the flow line should be larger than the inlet size
  • The tank must be filled with water for a period not exceeding one month, otherwise it will be out of warranty
  • General valves / control units should always be in good condition.
  • The tank should not be subjected to any internal / external stresses, blows, shocks, knocks, etc.
  • If the tank is cleaned with chlorine or composites, we strongly recommend reducing the water level to one meter on the side opposite to the chlorinated side. This will reduce any damage to the separation wall.
  • The ground covers shall not bear more than 3.5 tons
  • The company is not responsible for the installation (it is done through the customer according to the requirements of the installation in the guarantee by specialized technicians) except for the sectional panel tanks (and it is by agreement)

A-5- Special manufacturing orders on:

  • Any storage capacity greater than fifty thousand liters (fiberglass)
  • More than four plumbing openings in the tank, including the ventilation hatch.
  • More than one tank cover.
  • Any addition required on the outside or inside the tank body, or any special addition in manufacturing materials for the purpose of storing a substance with reactive properties or special formulations
  • Any tanks for storing other than water
  • The height greater than three and a half meters.


B-1-Pumps operating and control systems:

  • The pump current should be less than the rated current of the pressure device / float / pressure switch
  • For regular automatic operation, the maximum pumping height must not exceed 80% of the pressure    
  • device’s operating pressure, the pump pressure must exceed the device restart pressure by at least 1 bar.
  • The maximum operating pressure of the pressure tank / pressure switch / pressure device should not exceed
  • The air pressure in the pressure tank must be replaced every six months as a maximum to compensate for the leaking air
  • Repetitive start and stop causes damage to the pressure switch and is not covered by the warranty. The time between stopping and restarting must not be less than 5 minutes

   B -2- Pumps and Submersibles:

  • The warranty does not include any product damage due to dry operation or operation without flowing water, and the use of appropriate protection shall cancel the warranty in the event that the submersibles are not loaded Completely with water, or the rate of flow of water is less than the rate agreed upon in the case of artesian submersibles
  • A cable of a suitable size must be used for the main load of the motor to avoid voltage drop during operation
  • In the case of automatic operation of products 1 phase, a float with an ampere must be used that is proportional to the basic ampere of the product, otherwise a control panel must be used
  • A cutter of suitable size must be used to protect products 1 phase from short currents
  • A control panel must be used to operate the 3 phase products, and it must be equipped with protections of appropriate sizes to prevent short currents, overvaults, overvoltage, or shortage of voltage or interruption of one of the drivers, and to include appropriate protection to prevent dry operation.
  • The sequential take-off of products causes damage to their engine, and it must be taken into account when selecting the time between stopping and operating at no less than 5 minutes, and for the submersibles that is not less than 15 minutes.
  • The actual operating point must be within the appropriate operating range of the product. Operating at a flow rate less than the minimum or more than the maximum limit may lead to repetitive damage and are not covered by the warranty.




  • The temperature drops below zero degrees’ Celsius causes the water inside the pump to freeze and result in damage Severe parts of the pump and are not covered by the warranty. The pump must be emptied of the water after it stops at the time of low temperature
  • Products except for sewage submersibles are suitable for pumping clean water and the presence of sediments in the water may damage the parts of the product and are not covered by the warranty
  • The sewage submersibles are suitable for pumping sewage water only. The guarantee will be void if used to pump water that includes other materials
  • The product must be used once a week as a minimum to avoid fossilizing the product due to stopping its use
  • Any defect in the well, warp, or lack of cleanliness of plankton and sediments, or the engine being immersed in mud, or failure to adhere to the internal coating of the well, “Casey” shall cancel the warranty
  • Ensure that water-cooled engines are filled with water through the designated valve before starting operation.

B-3- warranty for home desalination units

  • The desalination units must be used with the pressure tank units that feed an open tank that is not covered by the warranty.
  • Stopping the operation of the desalination units for a week, which may damage some parts and may require replacement of filters and is not covered by the warranty.
  • Desalination units are suitable for municipal water whose salts do not exceed 1000 mg / liter. Using untreated water may damage some parts of the unit and are not covered by the warranty.
  • The used filters in the device are not covered by the warranty, and care must be taken to replace them with the specified periodic period for each filter.
  • The filters must be replaced regularly according to the filter replacement schedule, and the warranty shall be void on any component that is damaged due to delay in maintenance.
  • Closing the drain water line causes serious damage to the product and is not covered by the warranty.

B-4-General requirements for electrical appliances (pumps, submersibles, and home desalination units)

  • Installation, commissioning and periodic maintenance must be done in accordance with the recommendations of the user manual
  • The voltage of the electrical supply with the load must be identical to the basic voltage, with a difference of not more than 5%, but in the case of artesian wells, a drop not exceeding 3%
  • The product (except for the submersibles) must be installed in a well-ventilated and dry place with no water dripping on it, and the home desalination units must be installed at the location of the air conditioner
  • The company is not responsible for the installation (it is done through the customer according to the installation requirements in the warranty through specialized technicians) except in the case of home desalination units.

Third: Payments and seizure of goods:

  • The goods available for delivery upon sale order within three days or less are booked and paid in full.
  • Goods available for delivery upon sale order within four days or more are reserved, and 50% of its price is paid upon the sale order and 50% upon delivery.
  • Goods containing special manufacturing orders are seized and paid in full.

Fourthly: Guarantee and Compensation:

  • The customer must keep the original invoice to benefit from the guarantee.
  • The guarantee is only valid if the full amount is paid according to the invoice.
  • Warranty means repairing the product during the warranty period. As for the replacement, it is approved only for products that cannot be repaired according to the opinion of the technical department of the company.
  • In the event of replacement, according to the opinion of the Technical Department Director of the National Fiber Glass Factory Company during the free replacement period, which is as follows
  • One year from the date of the invoice in the tanks
  • Six days from the date of the invoice for electrical appliances
  • Then the depreciation value is calculated after the free period, where the value of the invoice is distributed among the days of guarantee, and then the days are calculated Consumed only
  • The guarantee does not apply in the event of sabotage resulting from natural hazards “storms, torrential rains … etc” or human errors in installation or use.
  • The company is responsible for inspecting the condition of the tank. If the damage is caused by the customer’s misuse or failure to comply with the conditions set forth in the guarantee, then the guarantee is considered void. But if the damage occurred with the customer’s adherence to the conditions set forth in the guarantee, the company shall either repair or replace (the replacement is done according to the opinion of the department official. The technician in the company and after paying the consumption value shown above)
  • In the case of a technician visiting for inspection, the customer must dry the tank and be present during maintenance and respond to the maintenance official in the company and in the case of the previous defect, the customer is scheduled within 72 working hours. Also, cooperation with the technician in the case of requesting an electrical connection, and a ladder to climb the roof in case The technician enters the tank for repair, as the company is not responsible for cleaning the tank from the inside before or after the repair.
  • The process of checking the condition of the tank is done within 24-48 hours on working days after sending the inspection request by the customer to the e-mail or calling the number 920006939.
  • Materials consumed by electrical appliances are not covered by the warranty
  • The defect in electrical appliances products, their dismantling or maintenance by a third party other than the company, or the use of non-original spare parts void the warranty
  • The customer must bring the product for electrical appliances to one of the branches of Al Watani Al Muhaideb or the company’s maintenance workshop, the status of the customer’s on-site maintenance service request, the external maintenance and its total growth, the materials covered by the warranty
  • The product for electrical appliances is inspected and in the event that the warranty conditions are met, Al-Watani Al-Muhaideb will bear the cost of maintenance and damaged spare parts due to a manufacturing defect or replace the product if it cannot be repaired
  • In the event of a defect in the electrical products, it must be stopped immediately and sent to the nearest branch or maintenance workshop, and the warranty does not include any additional damage that occurs due to delay in repair.
  • The guarantee is valid upon compliance with all the policies, conditions and installation method shown in the invoice